David Heineman

Hey! I'm David 👋

I'm a fourth year at Georgia Tech studying computer science. I work on intelligent systems, language and information networks.

More about me

I grew up in Marietta, Georgia and now live a half-hour down in Midtown Atlanta where I'm currently in my final year at Georgia Tech. I thoroughly enjoy reading, hiking, apprasing knives and making homebrew nitrogen cold brew. ☕️ ⛰️

I'm exploring the field of natural language processing with a focus on evaluation, modeling and deployment of constrained text generation models. My research has focused on challenges in text simplification and fine-grained evaluation w.r.t. LLMs.

Professionally, I've built open-source LLM deployments at AWS, deployed ML infrastructure for healthcare at the Atlanta-based startup Pateintco and have served as a teaching assistant for upper-level algorithms and NLP at Georgia Tech.

Publications & Preprints ✒️

Thresh 🌾: A Unified, Customizable and Deployable Platform for Fine-Grained Text Evaluation [thresh.tools]
David Heineman, Yao Dou, Wei Xu
EMNLP Demo, 2023

Dancing Between Success and Failure: Edit-level Simplification Evaluation using SALSA 💃 [code/data]
David Heineman, Yao Dou, Mounica Maddela, Wei Xu
EMNLP, 2023

LENS 🔎: A Learnable Evaluation Metric for Text Simplification
Mounica Maddela*, Yao Dou*, David Heineman, Wei Xu
ACL, 2023

* = equal contribution

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